Microsoft Preps Patch to Cut XML from Word for Mac

Microsoft is working on a patch for Office for the Mac that removes support for custom XML to keep Word in compliance with a court order blocking the company from including the technology in its applications. The company has already released a similar patch for the Windows versions of Word, according to Computerworld.

i4i won a legal battle against Microsoft in December where it claimed the Windows and Office maker was infringing on its patents by using protected algorithms that added XML support to Word. The company also won an injunction blocking Microsoft from selling copies of Word for Windows that included the patented algorithms.

Microsoft managed to get its XML feature removal patch out for the Windows version of Word before the court imposed January 11 deadline, and the Mac OS X version is in the works.

"While Office for Mac products were not accused of infringement, we are changing the product to allay any potential concerns about compliance with the injunction," said Microsoft's Kevin Kutz.

Microsoft hasn't said when it will release the Mac version of the patch.