Microsoft Releases SkyDrive App for OS X, 7 GB Free Storage

SkyDrive for Mac

Users looking for online storage and syncing that don’t want to go the Dropbox route can now check out Microsoft’s SkyDrive app, released Monday for Windows and OS X Lion (via The Verge). The app ties into Microsoft’s existing SkyDrive service and offers Dropbox-like file management and syncing with 7GB of free storage and the option to add 20, 50, or 100GB of additional storage for US$10, $25, or $50 per year, respectively.

SkyDrive formerly stood out by offering users 25GB of storage for free, but with Microsoft expanding its service with support for Windows and Lion, as well as recently released mobile apps, the company decided to limit free accounts to 7GB. Existing SkyDrive users may keep their 25GB plan by opting-in, and any existing user with more than 4GB of used storage as of April 1 will automatically stay at the 25GB level.

Monday’s announcements from Microsoft, as well as Dropbox’s announcement of new shareable link options, arrive in anticipation of Google’s own online storage solution, widely rumored to be launching this week. Add in options like SugarSync and and Mac users have no shortage of options when it comes to online storage and syncing. 

SkyDrive for Mac can be downloaded now from Windows Live.