Microsoft Rep: Office for iPad is ‘Something We’re Looking At’

| iPad

Microsoft senior product manager Mike Tedesco revealed during an interview with the web site T3 that a version of Office for the iPad is “something that we’re looking at. Obviously the announcement (of the iPad) is really fresh and there's nothing to announce or nothing that I can talk to you about today.”

Mr. Tedesco added: "We've had tablet technology forever and both Windows 7 and Windows Vista automatically detect that and you can be running your Office on there."

However, as T3 writer Chris Smith said: “Microsoft is, of course, getting pretty excited about the HP Windows 7 tablet that was unveiled at CES so we wouldn't be surprised to see that catered for well before Apple gets any love.”



hahaha… it is really necessary for a company that copies everything from other companies to tell that they will be looking at the iPad? hahaha… M$ is a joke!

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