Microsoft Sick Over Barf Ad

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Microsoft apparently didn't expect quite so much blow back from its Internet Explorer 8 ad showing a woman vomiting after seeing her husband's Web browser history, so the company pulled the commercial. Prior to Microsoft's clean up act, the ad was part of a series with actor Dean Cain touting IE8's features.

Many viewers were disturbed by the ad and were left with a bad taste in their mouths. The Redmond-based company, however, told CNET that it listened to customer feedback and took action.

"We created the OMGIGP video as a tongue-in-cheek look at the InPrivate Browsing feature of Internet Explorer 8, using the same irreverent humor that our customers told us they liked about other components of the Internet Explorer 8 marketing campaign," the company said." While much of the feedback to this particular piece of creative was positive, some of our customers found it offensive, so we have removed it."

The rest of the ad series is still available at the Internet Explorer 8 Better Browser Web site, but the barf ad is conspicuously missing -- presumably so Microsoft can mop up.

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thank you


It’s just sad when a staid, stuck in the mud, hasn’t been on the cutting edge in years, old style company tries to be ‘hip’. Best case they come off as pathetic. In this case they come off as pathetic, and offensive. I know what they were trying for. They missed it by a light-year.

There were the ads where they paid people to buy HP laptops. A campaign that created a lot of buzz about how inaccurate and misleading they were. And there were then Seinfeld/Gates commercials. A campaign that was almost literally laughed off the air. Now there is this POS.

Will MS wake up someday and do what needs to be done. Fire there advertising agency. Fire everyone in their internal advertising department from the head down to the last office boy. Then go out and find people that know what they are doing.

Of course being I don’t like Windows and don’t have MS products on my Mac it’s fine with me if they want to keep making junk like this. It just keeps reminding peop[le that their products are no better than their commercials.


While some people thought these ads were funny, I though they were trite and tired. Perhaps were I 12 again I might have thought differently. I couldn’t watch more than 5 seconds of the barf ad.

Their whole ad campaign blows chunks, even literally.


The other thought is that the basic message of the ads seems to be that dweebs and perverts prefer Internet Explorer 8. Not being either, I guess I will suffer along with another browser of choice.


Yup, MS did mop up the barks :>

Dave Strickler

Looks like video has been pulled from YouTube. My guess would be due to complaints from MS.


These clowns are HOPELESSLY without a clue. You make crap product and then crappy ads to try and make up for them.

Prescription for success. They are Apple’s best advocate, unwiittngly of course.

Lee Dronick

Are these sort of ads becoming a trend? Check out this ad for Hardee’s Biscuits. Warning contains innuendo.


And all of this to proudly announce that they figured out (finally) how to copy Apple’s private browsing function.  Pathetic.


That Hardee’s ad is a lot better than Microsoft’s barf ad. The A-holes innuendo is clever and light enough to make it entertaining.

The barf ad touches on certain taboo subjects better left in the dark and they do it rather un-cleverly. Besides watching people barfing really only makes people sic.

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