Microsoft Still Looking for Some Yahoo Action

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Even though Microsoft walked away from its bid to buy Internet search giant Yahoo!, the company is apparently still interested in buying a part of Yahoo!'s action. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said during a technology and media summit on Thursday that he is still interested in striking a deal, according to CNBC.

Mr. Ballmer claimed that he has spoken with Yahoo!'s new CEO, Carol Bartz, and told her that he would like to talk about a potential deal between the two companies.

The two companies found themselves in a long battle in 2008 after Microsoft presented Yahoo! with an unsolicited take over bid. Yahoo! rejected the offer and said that Microsoft was undervaluing the company. The two companies began publicly feuding over Microsoft's buyout attempt that led to a threat of a hostile take over before the Redmond-based company changed its mind and walked away from the negotiating table.

If Microsoft does land a deal with Yahoo!, it would give the Windows and Office maker a substantial leg up against Google in the online search advertising market. So far, it appears that Microsoft and Yahoo! have not officially entered into buyout negotiations.




YahooSoft won’t supplant Google. First thing we do on a new machine is set Google as the automatic search engine.

They just don’t get it apparently. XP is innocuous enough to be the desired Windows platform. Vista is still giving people fits. 7.0 is still Beta. Anything else MS puts on the machine or into it just gets removed as fast as possible.

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