Microsoft Takes On Google with Bing

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Microsoft is still on the war path to steal away the Internet search market from Google, and the newest tool in its arsenal is Bing. Bing is Microsoft's own Internet search engine, but the company is differentiating it from other online search tools by calling it a "decision engine."

Bing's claim to fame is that instead of simply displaying lists of search results, it organizes the data it finds in ways that make it easier to make purchase decisions, plan trips, find local businesses, or research health conditions. Microsoft hopes to complete a world-wide rollout by June 3.

Microsoft has been working to increase its share of the Internet search market for some time, but hasn't been able to make a dent in Google's leading position. Google currently controls some 80 percent of the online search market, while Microsoft's MSN sits at a distant third place with less than 3 percent of the market.

If Microsoft's Bing works as advertised, it could catch on with Internet users since it promises to help make search results easier to sift through. If it gains the same popularity level that the Zune has, however, Google won't have much to worry about.

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Competition is always good in any marketplace.  Personally,  I like using as they donate to pet rescue groups from searching.  I search, they donate!


Microsoft isn’t going to tell me how to use my search results.  *Bing….


Looks like they might be puting powerset to good use. They bought powerset over a year ago, check out what <a >Powerset</a> does for wikipedia. Now imagine if they apply that to internet searches. Could be interesting.

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