Microsoft Updates Office 2008 for Mac with Security, Dictionary Fixes

| Product News

Microsoft has released Office 2008 12.2.5, an update for the Mac productivity suite that includes security fixes and an improvement to the suite-wide dictionary tools.

Microsoft’s patch notes:

  • Helps improve security
    This update fixes vulnerabilities in Office 2008 that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of your computer’s memory with malicious code. For more information, see the security bulletin that is listed earlier in this document.
  • Custom dictionary is improved
    This update fixes issues that prevent the custom dictionary from including words from different languages.

The update is a 200.7MB download, and can be accessed through the Microsoft AutoUpdate tool within Office. You can find more information at Microsoft’s update article.



Bring on Office 2010….before 2011!


And yes, that was a tongue in cheek stab at M$ track record of names versus release dates.


Microsoft’s page has a broken download link as of now. The correct download link is

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