Microsoft via Twitter: No Ballmer for WWDC!

Microsoft CEO Steve BallmerDespite one analyst’s prediction, Microsoft said Thursday that CEO Steve Ballmer (seen giving a thumb up to the left) will not be appearing at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in June.

As we reported earlier on Thursday, Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry said in a research note that Mr. Ballmer would appear at this year’s WWDC to announce that developers will be able to compile native iPhone apps with Microsoft’s Visual Studio.

In a Twitter post first noticed by our friends at The Loop, Microsoft said that this was not to be. More specifically, the company took the opportunity to clear up any other possible rumors: “Steve Ballmer not speaking at Apple Dev Conf. Nor appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Nor riding in the Belmont. Just FYI.”

Mr. Chowdry had hedged his bets by saying that if Mr. Ballmer couldn’t appear, the company’s server and tools business manager, Bob Muglia, would appear in his stead. While that may or may not be the case, as of this writing, Mr. Muglia is also not scheduled to appear on Dancing with the Stars.