Microsoft Yanks Bing App From Foreign App Stores

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Microsoft this week began quietly removing its Bing app from all versions of the App Store except the US one. A spokesperson quoted by the web site Neowin explained: “When we released the iPhone application we inadvertently made it available to all countries in which the Apple Marketplace has a presence. We noticed the error within 24 hours and took steps to remove availability for all countries except for the US.”

As Neowin noted, it’s not clear why it took three months for the app to be deleted, if Microsoft realized its mistake within a day after releasing the Bing app last December. The spokesperson confirmed that international versions of the Bing app are in the works but no release dates are currently available.

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so backward of microsoft….

Lee Dronick

What was the problem, not being in the local language?


Dang! No Bing for the United King! dom. Ing.


Maybe Apple is changing the default search on the iPhone but only OS?


@ Sir Harry:  “The spokesperson confirmed that international versions of the Bing app are in the works.”

I guess that explains it.  One wonders what is going on at M$ that it took three months!


@Wwi: Ok, that’s a possibility. But why the US market is not concerned?



1. MS didn’t have the Bing app cleared for export, and the US government finally caught up with them, or:

2. The current Bing app isn’t “tailored” to local conditions (think Google in China).

As a US-based app developer, I deploy only to the US store myself.  Exporting software is a dangerous can of worms, and it’s telling when even MS doesn’t attempt to export.

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