Microsoft’s Bing Hits the iPhone

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Microsoft's Bing application rolled out onto Apple's App Store on Wednesday, giving iPhone and iPod touch a native application for using the Redmond-based company's online search engine.

Bing for the iPhone and iPod touch recognizes spoken words and sentences as search terms, can display driving directions, shows maps, movies and images in search results, and more.

Bing is Microsoft's Internet search engine that's designed to help users find locations, businesses and other services.

The Bing app is free and available for download at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.

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Coming soon to a television commercial:


There’s an App for that.


I can’t believe I am going to try this out…


Wow, it also doubles as a internet browser.  IE returns to OSX!


IE returns to OSX?
God help us all.


WHY ???? Talk about sleeping with the enemy…. With all the problems that Microsoft presents I can only say this; This is why I use Apple…. to get and stay away from anything remotely familiar with Gates…. I am NOT junking up all my iPhones with their JUNK… Thanks but no thanks… keep your crap for yourself and all your dumb azzed march in step believers…


Not available in the Saudi iTunes store ...
is it missing from other countries as well ?

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