Microsoft’s Kevin Turner Compares iPhone 4 to Vista

On Wednesday, Microsoft Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner, compared Apple’s iPhone 4 to his own company’s Vista and said, “I’m okay with that.”

At the keynote speech for Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, according to Computerworld, the Microsoft executive poked fun at the new Apple iPhone. “One of the things I want to make sure you know today is that you’re going to be able to use a Windows Phone 7 and not have to worry about how you’re holding it to make a phone call,” Mr. Turner said.

Kevin Turner

Kevin Turner, Microsoft COO

Ever since Consumer Reports declined to endorse the iPhone 4 in its report released Monday, the heat on Apple to make good with customers has accelerated. Apple, however, has been silent to date, and until Apple antenna engineers reveal a definitive technical assessment, likely through Mr. Jobs, the debate rages on as to whether the iPhone 4 has a fatal flaw that requires a hardware fix.

While Mr. Turner felt comfortable seizing the opportunity to take a poke at Apple, especially odd in light of his own company’s recent disaster with the Kin, he seems to have also overreached himself in his conclusion, saying: “We’re back in the game…And this game is not over.”

On Monday, Goldman Sachs had a very different view about the game.