Microsoft’s Kevin Turner Compares iPhone 4 to Vista

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On Wednesday, Microsoft Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner, compared Apple’s iPhone 4 to his own company’s Vista and said, “I’m okay with that.”

At the keynote speech for Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, according to Computerworld, the Microsoft executive poked fun at the new Apple iPhone. “One of the things I want to make sure you know today is that you’re going to be able to use a Windows Phone 7 and not have to worry about how you’re holding it to make a phone call,” Mr. Turner said.

Kevin Turner

Kevin Turner, Microsoft COO

Ever since Consumer Reports declined to endorse the iPhone 4 in its report released Monday, the heat on Apple to make good with customers has accelerated. Apple, however, has been silent to date, and until Apple antenna engineers reveal a definitive technical assessment, likely through Mr. Jobs, the debate rages on as to whether the iPhone 4 has a fatal flaw that requires a hardware fix.

While Mr. Turner felt comfortable seizing the opportunity to take a poke at Apple, especially odd in light of his own company’s recent disaster with the Kin, he seems to have also overreached himself in his conclusion, saying: “We’re back in the game…And this game is not over.”

On Monday, Goldman Sachs had a very different view about the game.



What’s worse than the alleged antenna problem is how Apple has mismanaged this entire affair. They have allowed a manageable issue to get so overblown that this product’s reputation is likely permanently damaged. Apple stockholders should not be pleased….


Let’s see:

Vista: Several years late with only ten percent of promised features, buggy, fraudulently sold as compatible with laptops and low-end desktops that obviously couldn’t handle it, failure in the market place as no one bought it.

iPhone 4: Antenna problems causes some grief and a lot of press coverage, continues to sell as fast as they can make them.

Yeah Kevin, that sounds exactly the same.


Wow.. So the solution to the VISTA craptastic issues was just to put the media in a rubber bumper before install it?!  Or did I have to put the whole computer in a rubber bumper?!

As for the stock.  As far as I can tell the volume of trading is down by the value hasn’t changed much when compared over the last year.  So I (not as a stockholder) can’t see why anyone holding stock in Apple would be too upset.

However as someone who supports and uses Apple products I think this whole thing has pretty much gone over the top.  Now if people were reliable able to cause their phones to melt into a pile of metal and glass… Then I could see the need for all this excitement.

[DISCLOSURE: I own an iPhone 4; I see the problem.  I wanted a case for it anyways since the original edge iPhone (which I borrowed) and my iPhone 3G (which vanished at a Bar two week before the iPhone 4 Gizmodo stunt) both lacked the tactical feel that ensures the phone will not slip out of my hands.  Thus I had already planned on buying a case.  Thus it’s a non-issue to me.]


Interesting comparison. Not entirely sure it is equal though.

I think Apple has not handled this well at all. The press is just blowing it out of proportion all together as well.

I don’t own an iPhone 4 yet. I am not deterred by this issue. It is technically a 1st gen product with such a major redesign.

Here’s another take on some of this whole hullabaloo too!

Compunerd blog.

Who knows where this will end up. But I hope Apple will do something.


Wouldn’t it be better to compare Vista to iOS 4? I have not been able to use Nike+ on my 3GS running iOS 4 reliably at all. It is horribly broken and Apple needs to fix it. Any pause of the run or even stopping for a light momentarily causes Nike+ to no longer keep a pace or increase mileage. Even taking a phone call kills it. The workout must be quit and a new workout started. FAIL!!


Another MicroSoft executive right out of the Steve Ballmer mold in ability to judge what is a product success or failure…..where do they get these guys? They must have to only do the “Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers-Dance ” to get hired.

MS waste billions of dollars in unsuccessfully attempting to bring any new product to market in the last ten years.  The closest they can come to calling any MS product a success is to sell XBoxes for less than cost; believing even if they lose money on every sale, they can make up for it with the volume.

The best Mr. Turner can do is to latch onto the coat tails of a hedge fund/ambulance chasing lawyers driven scamming headlines about the iPhone antenna.  Comparing it to another Microsoft failure….Vista.  Trust me Mr. Turner…..Vista is a failure and the iPhone is a success, anyway you cut it.  Even looking trough Ballmer rose colored glasses.


I’ve had my iPhone 48 hours. It has only ONCE asked me a security question of the type “do you really want to do that?”

Compare that with Vista. May that rotten software burn in a fire. Vista is so annoying it could have made Mother Theresa swear like a sailor.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

@Tiger… Make sure your iPhone hasn’t made $150 of in-app virtual goods purchases on your behalf grin.


Hello - am I the only one who’s had an iPhone 4 since the launch which has exceeded all expectations regarding performance, including providing coverage in areas where my iPhone 3GS couldn’t?

We’re experiencing “media theater” about “antenna issues” by those who know nothing about the frequencies and wavelengths involved, what skin effect is (it has nothing to do with skin), why effective antenna length and its physical length are rarely the same, and what magic Apple’s antenna and RF management software may be doing in the background.

Good grief!


failure in the market place as no one bought it

Ironically it’s still in second place, ahead of W7

Lee Dronick

Ironically it?s still in second place, ahead of W7

I am thinking the most existing PCs, ones that are a few years or older, can not run Windows 7. As those PCs get replaced with new models we will see higher numbers.


Win 7 has pretty much identical requirements to the now three and a half year old Vista, most ?200-?300 netbooks ship with it nowadays.

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