Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit Reveals Upcoming Office Improvements

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit (MBU) announced at this week's Macworld Expo that Office for Mac will soon see some improvements, including support for SharePoint Products and Technologies and Office Live Workspace as well as support for Exchange Web Services (EWS) in Entourage. Both will be available soon as Beta releases and will arrive later this year as free updates for Office for Mac users.

The Microsoft Document Collaboration Companion for Mac Beta, which is due for a private Beta release next month and a final release later this year, will allow Office for Mac users to collaborate and share documents with colleagues using Mac or Windows. Features include downloading and uploading of documents, document check-in and check-out, offline document caching, and access to Microsoft's SharePoint Workspace, Document Library, and Office Live Workspace.

EWS support in Entourage will launch as a public Beta this month and enter final release later this year. The MBU said the move from WebDAV to EWS will improve compatibility, performance, and reliability and enable support for syncing Tasks, Notes, and Categories with Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 or later.



Well, until they fix the inconsistencies when sharing Excel or PPT files between platform, Sharepoint will be moot.


Ditto. And I can’t consistently get an Excel table into a Word document without a lot of screwing around. I think they should fix interoperability on the same platform before venturing into cross-platform.


that’s been a problem for how many decades now…

And we still can’t get an Office file to be able to choose a page range to print. I can choose print current page, or print all, but if you choose 2-x and want only to print certain ones, it still prints all. No matter what.

Very very annoying.


Well, according to Uncle Steve (Ballmer, that is), Mac Office is nothing but a crippled, weakened version of Windows Office, so there seems little point for them to be upgrading the thing.  It must be tough to show up to work in the Mac Business Unit knowing your the pariah’s of the company!


Weird Uncle Steve can say all he want, Mac Office makes the company a boatload of cash and he knows it.

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