Minor Updates Show Apple Hasn’t Forgotten iWork for iOS

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Apple released updates for Pages, Keynote, and Numbers for the iPhone and iPad on Thursday, letting users know they haven't forgotten about their productivity apps for iOS. The updates are minor and the release notes only say they include "stability improvements and bug fixes."

Apple releases minor update for iWork apps for iOSApple releases minor update for iWork apps for iOS

Apple's recent iOS updates haven't targeted the iWork apps, so it's nice to see at least a bug fixes update, especially since the last time the three apps saw any changes was in December 2012.

Pages, Keynote, and Numbers 1.7.2 are all free updates. The apps are available through Apple's iTunes-based App Store, and the updates are available through iTunes on your computer or the App Store app on your iOS device.



Because, you know, December was forever ago.

Brian S

“...letting users know they haven’t forgotten about their productivity apps for iOS”
Assuming that interpretation is accurate, how do you spin the Mac’s iWork that hasn’t received significant updates in YEARS?

Lee Dronick

Well there is a difference between minor updates and a big makeover. When iOS 6 arrives then we will probably see some major changes to the Apple apps.


What about the OsX version? Neglected in years with no major updates at all?

But everybody know that you don’t really produce anything on OsX. :(


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