Launches “Quest for Money” Game and Scholastic are teaming up to make it a little more fun to develop good money management skills. The release of’s online game, “Quest for Money,” will hep teach kids (and even adults) sound money management principles through a fun online board game. It’s all part of Intuit’s financial literacy program, announced in December 2010.

Aaron Patzer, founder of and now general manager and vice president of Intuit Personal Finance, said the game was developed to make learning about money feel less like a chore than it has in the past. “In combining online gaming with relatable real-life money scenarios - such as buying a new computer or going to a concert - we’re teaching middle schoolers the essentials of personal finance in a way that makes sense to them,” Mr. Patzer said.

Mint’s Quest for Money game

Mint and Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education and media company, designed “Quest for Money” as a fun way for young people to learn about earning and saving money. The game challenges players with questions about money, shopping and saving, and rewards them for smart choices and correct answers. One thing parents will appreciate about the game is that asking parents for more money without working to earn that money is never depicted as the best way for kids to meet their financial goals.

The game is Flash-based, so it won’t load on iOS devices, but it does run perfectly in Safari on OS X.

In addition to the “Quest for Money” game, Mint’s financial literacy program provides teachers with lesson plans and online resources, and family activities and worksheets that parents can use with their children at home. The materials teach students about concepts like compound interest, in easy-to-understand language with everyday scenarios.

To play the new game, download lesson plans and find financial education information, visit’s educational Web site. Materials also are available online for teachers at the Scholastic Web site and will be distributed in 30,000 classrooms nationwide this year.