Miro Launches Miro 2.0 Free HD Video Player

MiroThe developers of the Miro project announced Wednesday the release of Miro 2.0, a new version of the group's self-titled free HD video player. The new version sports a new interface, the ability to watch any video in an external window, and other new features.

New features as listed by Miro:

  • A beautiful, all-new interface
  • Browse while you watch-- pop out any video to an external window (our number one requested feature)
  • Miro is now faster, more responsive, uses less memory
  • You can add streaming sites like Hulu to your sidebar
  • You can add download sites like Archive.org or legaltorrents.com to your sidebar and download to Miro with a single click
  • Improved playlists
  • New compact, sortable list view
  • Better audio support

Miro is an Open Source non-profit group, and is looking for more people to help work on the project. You can download Miro 2.0 from the Miro Web site.