MixMatchMusic Launches MobBase: Individual iPhone Apps for Bands

MixMatcMusic announced Tuesday the launch of MobBase, an iPhone app platform that allows bands to easily have their own branded iPhone app. MobBase allows bands to completely customize their own iPhone app through a browser-based content management system (CMS) - the resulting iPhone app is then submitted to Apple by MobBase, which handles the entire approval process for the bands.

Each band's iPhone app can have music that includes links to purchase the songs from iTunes, photos, lyrics, merchandise, gig dates, twitter feeds, videos, and more. Much of the content (for instance gig dates and Twitter feeds) is dynamic, and is fed to the app from existing online resources and services.

In addition to having done the heavy lifting for bands in terms of developing the app, MobBase makes it easy for even indie bands on a bugdet to have their own iPhone app by charging just US$20 when the app is submitted, with a monthly subscription fee based on the total number of installations the band gets.

It's $15 per month for the first 500 installations, and an additional $5 per month for every 1,000 apps installs after that. Bands silly enough to charge for their app pay slightly more. Starting an account is free, and the design process is free. Bands don't pay until they are ready to submit.

Bands can use existing templates for their app, or choose to completely customize their app. Every page can have a different graphic, fonts can be customized, and even the main navigation buttons can be changed. MobBase is launching with seven different basic layouts, each of which can also be customized.

Once approved, the apps show up in the App Store under MobBase as the developer, but the apps are labeled entirely around the band. This puts indie bands like this reporter's band (The Atomic Love Bombs hint hint) on even footing with early iPhone adopters like Nine Inch Nails who have the resources to develop their own app from start to finish.

Bands launching their own apps today under MobBase include RX Bandits, Pepper, El Desayuno, and Throw Me The Statue. Several more bands are coming, including indie bands being distributed through IODA, which has partnered with MobBase to offer apps directly to their member bands.

Screenshot from Pepper's iPhone app

Features supported, as provided by MobBase:

  • Music. Artists just want to make and share music. By featuring their music in MobBase, they make it easy for fans to buy songs or even entire albums.
  • Videos. With MobBase, artists can share video out takes, footage from backstage and at parties, or even feed their YouTube channel directly into the application. Fans can also upload their own videos to their favorite artist's app.
  • Photos. An image is worth 1,000 words, so artists can create and share photo collections including album artwork, tour pictures and other images fans are clamoring for. MobBase features seamless integration with Flickr and Picasa, so it's easy to manage, update and add photos in real time.
  • News/Blog. Artists can use MobBase to keep fans up to date on news, blog posts and behind the scenes info with RSS feeds.
  • Shows. The best way to get fans to shows is to make sure they know when and where they are. With MobBase, artists can update show times, venues, directions and other info to make sure their fans know where to find them live. MobBase features seamless integration with ArtistData and MySpace, so it's easy to manage, update and add concert info in real time.
  • Discography. Artists can connect fans with their entire catalog, album artwork, liner notes, and lyrics by featuring them in MobBase.
  • Twitter. Artists can make sure their tweets reach their fans with MobBase, and fans can hear what others have to say about the band. Artist and fans can also have conversations to discuss specific topics of the artists choosing.
    Store. MobBase is like a mobile merch table, connected to artists' web stores. It's a great way for artists to show their merch where it's easiest for their fans to find it (in their pockets).
  • Biography. Biographies provide fans with background and back story, information that makes the artist-fan connection that much more meaningful.
  • More and more. Because MobBase is highly customizable and supports additional functionality, artists can expand on the platform to do more and engage fans more deeply.