MobileMe Calendar Beta-compatible BusyCal in the Works

MobileMe users that rely on BusyCal instead of iCal for managing their schedules are in for some potential headaches if they plan on jumping into Apple’s public beta for the new Web-based Calendar app. According to BusyMac, BusyCal isn’t compatible with the CalDAV-based format the Calendar beta relies on.

“We are working on CalDAV support in BusyCal and expect to release a public beta that is compatible with the MobileMe calendar beta later this summer,” the company said on its blog. “If you are a BusyCal user, please wait until the BusyCal public beta is available before using the MobileMe Calendar beta.”

That doesn’t mean, however, that BusyCal users are out of luck if they want to participate in the Calendar public beta. Instead, users will need to update their calendars in iCal, and their schedules will become read-only in BusyCal.

“You’ll have to use iCal for editing events on your MobileMe calendars. The MobileMe calendars will appear read-only in BusyCal. You can continuing using BusyCal to edit shared calendars on the LAN and on Google,” they said.

Customers that want to be notified as soon as the CalDAV-compatible beta of BusyCal is available can sign up at the BusyMac Web site.