MobileMe Chokes After iPhone OS 3.0 Update

Apple's MobileMe service began experiencing performance lags, and on some cases failed to load, after the highly anticipated iPhone OS 3.0 update was released on Wednesday afternoon. MobileMe seemed to have the most trouble loading the Find My iPhone page -- presumably as users tried to test the feature with freshly updated iPhones.

Instead of seeing their settings when accessing the MobileMe online accounts page, many users saw a message saying "MobileMe Account is currently unavailable." The Account page is where MobileMe subscribers go to access the new Find My iPhone feature.

Find My iPhone is a new feature for iPhone OS 3.0 users that displays their iPhone's physical location on a map, and also lets them send a message to the phone, play a tone, and remotely erase their data if the device is lost or stolen.

The accessibility issues are likely a temporary problem and will subside once fresh iPhone updaters finish trying out the feature, which is probably a good indicator that users should try to avoid losing their handheld over the next few hours.