MobileMe Mail Outage Hits Some Users

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Oops - MobileMeSome MobileMe customers have been reporting MobileMe outages on Twitter, and Apple has confirmed the problem on the MobileMe status update page. As of this writing, the outage appears to be limited to a subset of Apple’s MobileMe customers, with scattered reports of being unable to connect to

On the MobileMe status update website, Apple added an alert early Monday afternoon that reads, “Some MobileMe members may be unable to access MobileMe Mail. Normal service will be restored ASAP. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

The outage comes as Apple is rumored to be working on rolling out a new online service that may be called The outage, and other MobileMe issues reported over the weekend, has led to speculation that the problems are due to work on MobileMe’s backend, possibly relating to the task of getting Apple’s new data center in North Carolina online, as well.

Of course, it could just be an outage.

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So fed up with this mobile me.
It seems totally unstable.
several weeks ago the update to the calendar messed up all my calendars.  It took two days for Apple store to sort it out, no-one there could figure it out either.  Now the email isnt working - again!
Come on guys at Apple, please sort this out.


I was out for a little while today, but everything’s back up and running normally. There was some re-caching and re-sorting, but no harm was done on my end.


Been out for about 5 hrs for me.


Not 5 minutes after my post I got Mail back. Go figure.


The exact same thing happened to me….


The exact same thing happened to me!


it’s been dog-slow most of the day. Painful. And sometimes not there at all :(


My calendar of mobile me has been cleaned out! All of my single events (not the recurring ones) have been deleted, and if they had invitees, some received cancellation notices. How can I get this one fixed!?

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