MobileMe: Shuttered and Closed, But Not Entirely Gone

The bad news if you were still using Apple’s MobileMe service is that it is now officially gone, shuttered, closed, and no longer open for business. It is, in short, finis, it is dead, deceased. It is, as it were, an ex-online service*. The good news, however, is that you can still get any photos and documents you were storing on the service.

MobileMe: Finis!

MobileMe’s Current Home Page

Fortunately, our own Adam Christianson (also the host of MacCast) procrastinated enough to show us what the process of downloading your files after the service has been closed.

First, he received this popup window:

Still Closed

MobileMe had been discontinued

Clicking through got this simple interface for downloading some photo albums he had on the service:

Download Albums

Downloading Photo Albums

We should note that you can no longer mount your iDisk folder on your desktop. You can, however, download your other files through a Web-interface that allows you to navigate your iDisk folders in your browser. You can see part of this process in the two images below.


Navigate iDisk


Download Files

So, on the one hand, you can still download your stuff even if you are the ultimate procrastinator. On the other hand, you’ll have to use a Web-interface in your browser. That, however, is infinitely superior than apple merely telling us, “HAHAHAHAH!!!! We warned you!!!!”

* With apologies to Monty Python.