Monitor Your Kids' (or Employees') Macs with Spector Pro Mac

Spector Pro mac 2009SpectorSoft Corporation announced Tuesday the release of Spector Pro mac 2009, a monitoring and surveillance tool for parents and employees. This release marks the first "Pro" release of the Mac version of the software, and the company touts it as a full monitoring solution for everything a person does on his or her Mac.

The product's feature set, according to the company:

  • Web Sites Visited - See full details of every web site visited, plus actual web site addresses.
  • Chat and Instant Message Activity - Record and review conversations on all the major chat clients: iChat, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and Adium.
  • Email Activity - Get a copy of every email sent or received with common email programs like Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, Mozilla Thunderbird, and other POP/SMTP email clients.
  • User Activity - See if and when they are actively using the computer with the User Activity chart.
  • Remote Viewer - Review recordings from another computer, PC or Mac, in your home or office without having to return to the computer you are monitoring.

Spector Pro mac 2009 (and yes, the company doesn't capitalize "Mac" in the title, but does so when referring to the actual computer) is priced at US$99.95 for a one-user license. Companies looking for site licensing and other multi-license pricing should contact SpectorSoft.