Monthly iPad Orders Top 2 Million

Apple’s monthly iPad production orders for July have apparently topped the 2 million unit mark and will stay at that level for the foreseeable future, according to Digitimes analyst, Mingshi Kuo. His estimates put Apple’s orders between 2.3 and 2.35 million units for the month.

Nearly 60 percent of the iPads Apple has ordered for July are Wi-Fi plus 3G models, according to the report.

The iPad is Apple’s iOS-based multi-touch tablet device that supports movie and music playback, and includes Internet access via Wi-Fi or 3G. It also includes built-in Blutooth, support for wireless keyboards, and runs most iPhone-compatible apps.

While Digitimes doesn’t have the best record for Apple-related news, the iPad is popular and selling well enough that most Apple Stores are having difficulty keeping the multimedia tablet in stock. The company’s online store is showing a 7 to 10 day shipping delay on all iPad models, too.

Assuming demand for the iPad continues like is has since its release several weeks ago, Apple shouldn’t have any problem selling units nearly as fast as it makes them.