More About Patrick Kane, the Kid With The Bionic Arm

Apple kicked off WWDC on Monday with a thank you note to developers. Part of that video features Patrick Kane, a UK teenager with a prosthetic hand that works in conjunction with an iOS app to memorize different grips and switch between them easily.

According to a BusinessInsider profile on Mr. Kane, his previous prosthesis would only remember four grips, and if he needed others it required a trip back to his computer to update it. Now he can use his phone with the new one, which gives him access to a wider variety of grips and operates everything much more smoothly.

For example, he doesn't have to use his other hand to place the thumb in the right position.

Watching his brief section in the Apple video you see him tie his shoe, pick up a glass to fill with water, and hold silverware. He even admits being impressed with it himself, though he uses it all the time.

Patrick is also featured on the Touch Bionics site, makers of the prosthetic, where he is shown using his new hand to carry the Olympic torch into Trafalgar Square in 2012.