More Judges: Apple, Samsung Patent Fight is too Complicated

The patent infringement fight between Apple and Samsung has become so complex in Australia that a second Judge has been added to the case -- a first for the Australian legal system. Adding the second judge to the case underscores just how deep into the legal system's resources this patent infringement fight is digging.

The Apple and Samsung patent fight: It's a resource hogThe Apple and Samsung patent fight: It's a resource hog

Justice Annabelle Bennett has been in charge since hearings began in 2011, but as of Monday Justice David Yates was added to help because of the sheer size and complexity of the case, according to the Australian Financial Review. After combining multiple lawsuits, Apple is targeting nine of Samsung's Android-based smartphones along with two of its tablets with 19 patent infringement claims, and Samsung is hitting Apple with a long list of complaints, too.

Apple and Samsung have been fighting in courts around the world over mobile device patent infringement claims for years. While neither company looks to be the big winner yet, Apple did score the highest profile win in 2012 when a U.S. Federal Court Jury ruled that Samsung infringed on a long list of Apple patents and awarded the company over US$1 billion in damages.

With ongoing legal fights in several countries, both companies are funneling ridiculous amounts of money into legal expenses and the courts are pouring large resources into the process, as well. Providing judges -- and in the case in Australia, two judges -- along with support staff and court rooms is expensive and at least partially funded by tax payers.

Both Apple and Samsung seem determined to stick with their patent infringement fight until the bitter end, which most likely still has years to play out. During that time, Apple, Samsung, and courts around the world, will continue to pour money into the process, and ultimately those funds will come from consumers and tax payers.