More Photos Back Up iPhone 5C Launch

As we get closer to Apple's September 10 iPhone event more photos of the rumored iPhone 5C are surfacing, and the latest looks to come straight from the manufacturing plant in Shanghai. The new iPhone 5C leak shows several of the devices on piled on a rack for testing and presumably is the last photo the employee snapped before losing their job.

A test rack for the iPhone 5C in a Pegatron production facilityA test rack for the iPhone 5C in a Pegatron production facility

The photo hit the Web on the Chinese site Sina Weibo with the comment, "The low-end iPhone 5C to be launched for Chinese consumers in September doesn't look much different than the Xiaomi Phone 2, right?"

Engadget did a little digging and found that the photo was taken in a Pegatron factory, which puts it in the right place for iPhone manufacturing. The person that took the photo joined Pegatron's quality control department in July, which would potentially give them access to the parts of the factory where iPhones are being tested ahead of boxing for sale.

The iPhone 5C is the rumored lower priced iPhone model expected to be introduced at Apple's September media event. It is said to have a scratch resistant plastic back in several colors, which fits with the leaked photos we've seen so far. The 5C also looks to be slightly bigger than the iPhone 5, but with the same size display.

Apple hasn't officially announced its September 10 media event yet, but it has been reported to be happening by AllThingsD and The Loop.