More App Store Games Arrive; Simpsons Arcade on the Way

Glu Mobile’s Glyder 2 and three other titles arrived at the App Store on Thursday, while EA Mobile released screenshots from its upcoming Simpsons Arcade title

Glyder 2 (US$3.99) builds on the original with six new worlds to explore as players guide heroine Eryn on her handmade glider. Glu promises a variety of challenges and puzzles, such as an obstacle course and more than 400 crystals to collect, as well as many customization features, including unique wings and special outfits to unlock.

Other new games include: Happy Tree Friends: Slap Happy ($0.99), based on the cult animated shorts; Capcom’s Cash Cab ($4.99), based on the Discovery Channel game show series; and the action puzzle game Mikks ($1.99).

Finally, when The Simpsons Arcade launches later this month, players will guide Homer through Springfield as he tries to “achieve his doughnut-driven destiny.” Family Frenzy power-ups bring other Simpson family members to the rescue as he works his way through more than 25 levels spread across six different environments. Pricing was not announced.