More Games Arrive at the App Store

New games now available for iPhone and iPod touch include: Glass House Game's sliding tile puzzle game Bugsy; Polished Play's golf game Invisible Links; 2Real Media's stacking game Unbalanced: Fall of the Blorbs; HandyGames' Halloween edition of Tattoo Mania; and 4J Studios' poker game Texas Wuggle.

Bugsy (US$0.99) features 125 levels and three types of enemies that impede the main character's attempts to bloom all the flower buds at the edges of the game board. Players steer Bugsy by sliding puzzle tiles to complete the path to each bud.

Invisible Links ($1.99) challenges players to direct a golf ball through a series of hand-drawn course mazes, which disappear when a stroke starts. Six characters and more than 40 levels are included.

In Unbalanced: Fall of the Blorbs ($0.99), players try to keep block characters, known as Blorbs, balanced on a teeter-totter for as long as possible. They can rain down sickness to deal with troublesome situations and unlock Feint Points by attempting difficult feats. A real-time chat system is also included.

Tattoo Mania: Halloween Edition ($0.99) features 20 tattoo templates to apply to five different body parts of customers.