More New Games Flood Into the App Store

As the App Store approaches 100,000 available apps, Tuesday saw a flood of new releases that will help get Apple closer to that milestone.

Among the new ones are:

Glu Mobile’s Taxi Fight! ($0.99) and World Series of Poker Hold ‘Em Legend ($6.99). In the former, players guide passengers worth various fare values to available cabs, while trucks, emergency vehicles, and other obstacles get in the way. The latter offers 25 poker events spread across five casinos; multi-player action via Bluetooth is available.

Orb Games’ Kamikaze Race (US$0.99), in which players get behind the wheel of an ever-accelerating car without working brakes, trying to survive as long as possible. It was released this past January as a flash game.

Manayunk Productions’ Speed Bag: Urban Gym ($0.99) simulates hitting a punching bag, requiring players to combine rhythm and timing to rack up combos. The action becomes more difficult as players progress through the game.

ngmoco's Eliminate (free) is a multi-player first-person shooter in which players engage in that FPS staple, the death match, across the Internet. A variety of arenas are available, as are six futuristic weapons, nine sets of armor, and 13 upgradeable characters.

Classic Media’s Casper’s Scare School ($4.99) features a variety of spooky Underworld sporting events, including Dragon Egg and Spoon race, People Chase, and Creepy Uppies, in which players must keep a ball off the ground as long as possible.

VFSoftware’s Beat the Swine ’09 ($0.99) puts players in the role of an antibody combating the H1N1 virus. The publisher plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to the CDC Foundation’s H1N1 relief fund, with the amount determined by how well a player does in the game.

Finally, Plum Amazing Software’s Galactic Pool (free through Nov. 6) pits players against a computer-controlled or live opponent as they battle to sink five balls, using their device’s accelerometer to aim and fire their rocket cue balls. Eight AI characters are included.