More Revealed About Upcoming Fantasy RPG Two Worlds II

Publisher TopWare and developer Reality Pump on Friday unveiled an expanded Two Worlds II web site that gives more information about the upcoming fantasy RPG, which is expected to ship sometime next spring. The site offers pages on the game world’s story, characters, gameplay, and bestiary.

Two Worlds II takes place in the world of Antaloor, where the player’s character begins the game in a dungeon below the castle owned by the Dark Lord Gandohar, who wants to disrupt the balance between the elements and bring darkness to the land. Rescue comes in an unexpected form as a squad of Orcs frees him from the cell, giving him a chance to save his sister and Antaloor.

TopWare and Reality Pump promise a wide variety of secondary quests, realistic AI behavior, complex combat and magic systems, an economy that takes into account the character’s reputation among other factors, mini-games for such actions as lock-picking, and more.

TopWare is also currently running a Christmas Advent calendar contest in support of Two Worlds II. The publisher is giving away an Xbox 360, a PlayStation 3, and other prizes.