Motorola Drops E911 GPS Patent from ITC Apple Complaint

Motorola pulled one of its patents for using GPS data with emergency calls to public safety agencies from an U.S. International Trade Commission complaint against Apple on Thursday. The patent describes a system where users can deactivate GPS location tracking on their smartphone while leaving the feature active for emergency 911 calls.

Motorola drops Ep11 patent from ITC complaint against AppleMotorola drops Ep11 patent from ITC complaint against Apple

Pulling the patent from its ITC complaint makes sense, according to Florian Mueller of Foss Patents. “If Motorola won an ITC import ban over devices implementing that feature, it’s quite possible that the ITC would deny or delay such a ban for public interest considerations,” he said.

Motorola’s complaint with the ITC now include just four patents, although the E911 patent is still listed in the company’s lawsuit against Apple in Federal Court in Wisconsin.

Motorola targeted Apple with its lawsuits and ITC complaint over claims that the iPhone infringe on mobile device-related patents it owns. Apple had hoped to delay the legal proceedings while Motorola and Google finalize a buyout deal, but the court denied the Mac and iPhone maker’s request.

Apple has filed its own lawsuit against Motorola, which is scheduled for trial on November 25, 2012. In that case, Apple is claiming it should have access to certain Motorola patents through FRAND, or fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.

Motorola’s fight with Apple isn’t limited to the United States. The company also won an injunction in Germany in December that could potentially lead to a block on iPhone and iPad sales in the country. Apple will appeal that ruling pending the outcome of legal proceedings in the country.