Motorola Wi-Fi Xoom Tablet Set for March 27 Launch

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Motorola is hoping to take on Apple and the iPad 2 in the United States come March 27 with the release of its Wi-Fi-only Xoom tablet. The tablet sports a 10.1-inch display and 32GB RAM along with Google’s Android 3.0 operating system, and will be priced at US$599.

Motorola XoomMotorola’s Xoom tablet

The Wi-Fi-only Xoom’s price point puts it inline with Apple’s 32GB iPad 2, and the inclusion of Android for the operating system will no doubt draw some customers that are looking for alternatives to iOS-based devices. Apple, however, released the iPad 2 on March 11 and hasn’t been able to keep up with customer demand.

This isn’t the first Xoom tablet to hit store shelves. Motorola released a 3G-capable version of the tablet in February with a higher price point than Apple’s iPad at $799 without a two-year contract. With a contract, that price comes down to $599.

Motorola plans to sell its Wi-Fi Xoom tablet through several major retailers and There’s no word yet on whether or not Motorola expects around-the-block lines for the launch like Apple saw with the iPad 2 roll out.



Lines for android.  Hee hee, that’s funny.


With a 2-year contract, I would have thought Xoom would be much less than $599—closer to an iPhone price. The size of the monthly payment is probably much lower, perhaps similar to iPad’s 3G payments?


More like hysterical, Ron.

Here’s an interesting point. The phone competition ring (as in boxing) is in a different ring to the tablet competition. You can give away or at least severely cut the cost of the product and reap your profits from expensive carrier plans. That is why droid do well with the carriers. Apple iPhone commands a premium and still survives capturing the vast majority of profits for mobile phone products.

Without carrier charges, tablets must stand on their own, which is why Moto pushed the eXoom through carriers first. Even then, they had to have the bigger price.

On its own, the eXoom has to be priced to cover all the service prices to get it into consumer hands. That cuts any contract and thus reward money to Moto.

The comparison of iPad nix a carrier contract puts the eXoom in the same ring as the iPod, not the iPhone. In this sphere, the iPad will do as the iPod did and continues to do. It takes the Droid tablets in any ring straight to the infirmary ward. It’s called TKO.


$799 for a tablet without contract. I guess it is somewhat competitive with the iPad 2. Not sure how well it will sell. Seems like it might become a cool niche product though.


OMG! I am, like, sooo excited!

Oh, wait, no, I’m not. Sorry.


@ paikinho - Perhaps I am reading it wrong, but I believe the Wifi-only tablet is $599 (without a contract, naturally).

Ross Edwards

32GB of RAM?  Wow!  That’s better than most desktop PCs!

Oh, you meant 32GB of storage.  smile


ah yes…599 for wi-fi only.


cbsofla, be excited man:

It will say loud and clear
the future that’s to be
if Moto’s endures the run.

dmuzzy, ye be correct:

What sales be gained
we wait what wrecks
“In such an angry sea!”


It might not be a bad thing for Apple fans if Xoom sells a bunch of these. I’m glad that someone is challenging Apple with more RAM and better camera specs at the same price. Perhaps iPad 3 will improve in both categories, unless such improvements substantially drive down battery life—-a concern for many users. Here’s an interesting Motorola post regarding extending Xoom’s battery life.


ibuck, specs are old century and Apple has never played by those games and specs are what the competition use as their yardstick and how they compete with each other and how they think they can compete with Apple. Apple just ignores their deflating balls.

Apple’s game is to perfect and then moves to the next step. The plan is well laid out and specs are fine tuned and aren’t to get in the way.

Look at the cost involved in jazzy screens. The eXoom is having terrible trouble with their screen; complaints abound on the eXoom forums. Apple’s screen is “good enough” and works perfectly and is less costly than eXooms cranky frankenscreen.

Apple is working on its next iPad which will tweak and make better what it keeps and perfect what’s to replace and what’s to be introduced new. Moto is still working on readying its first rush with destiny; flash isn’t, SD card isn’t and may never be; lord, they may be vapourware. This is not how Apple does its job, but it is the letter of law by which the others rule their courts.

Look how Apple developed OSX, the iPad, the iPhone and now the iPad. Look how it developed and continues to develop its software. It starts with an idea and presents a pretty simple first form. Then it improves on that and its next stage until perfection before its next upgrade. This is the cycle of iteration, step by step by step. No bells, no whistles that don’t actually ring and toot as they should.

Is the first eXoom perfect at what it does with the equipment it presents? Nah!

Is the first iPad perfect at what it does with the equipment it presents? A resounding yes! And the iPad 2 follows the leader. And so will the next iteration and the next and the next. And so it goes.

Go check out John Gruber’s site, Daring Fireball. He lays it out splendidly and his ideas seem original.


Here?s an interesting Motorola post regarding extending Xoom?s battery life.

from the link ibuck posted:

“Tips to extend battery life:

Select a shorter backlight duration
Lower the display brightness
Use the AC adapter to charge your device whenever possible
Turn Bluetooth off when not in use
Turn Wi-Fi off when not in use
Certain applications may be drawing excessive battery power. If you are experiencing shorter battery life after downloading an application try uninstalling the application
Close any third party applications running in the background
Playing music, videos and viewing images will affect your battery life
The battery charger shipped with this device is a high rate charger specifically designed for your device
Use only the charger that came with your tablet or the Motorola XOOM dock to charge your tablet. The USB port is used for data transfer only, NOT for charging.
Some Marketplace applications can drain battery unexpectedly with data requests and processes running in the background. Deleting widgets alone for these applications will not stop the application from pulling the data; the application itself must be uninstalled or killed temporarily with a Task Manager or App Killer.
If you know you won?T be near a mobile or Wi-Fi network for a while, switch to Airplane mode.
You tablet uses extra power to search for mobile networks.”

It’s almost as if they’re saying trail an extension cord behind you otherwise…..


I’ll definitely go look at one to see how it compares to an iPad. Are there any numbers on how well the 3G version sold? Still, I can’t seriously consider it as an iPad alternative as an Apple user unless it is much cheaper or integrates with iLife or MobileMe better than an iPad.


?Tips to extend battery life: Select a shorter backlight duration; Lower the display brightness…

Dang. They could save time by saying simply, “To save battery life, do not use the Xoom.”

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