Movie-themed Oscars iPad Ad Shot on an iPad

Apple premiered its newest iPad commercial during the Oscars Sunday night, and the ad showing high school students filming movies with iPads was shot on an iPad, too. Martin Scorsese provided a voice over extolling the importance of exploring our creativity, and like Apple's other iPhone and iPad ads, was more about empowering users than touting device features.

Apple films new Oscars iPad commercial with iPadsApple films new Oscars iPad commercial with iPads

The commercial follows students from the LA County High School for the Arts as they recorded projects with an iPad Air 2, and was totally fitting for its Oscars debut.

Targeting a televised entertainment awards event with a similar-themed ad isn't new for Apple. The company did the same for the Grammys earlier this month when it documented Elliphant taking a song from concept to recording, all with an iPad.

Surprisingly, Apple's latest iPad commercial doesn't look like it was shot using the device it's advertising, giving a little validity to vacationers and tourists who use theirs as a primary camera.

You can check out Apple's new iPad commercial on the company's YouTube page.

[Thanks to The Verge for the heads up]