Mozilla Releases Firefox 18 with Retina Display Support

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On Tuesday, Mozilla released Firefox 18 for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android. The new version brings Retina display support for Macs and a new JavaScript compiler called "IonMonkey" that Mozilla says will speed up Web apps and games by 25 percent.

Also included, according to Mozilla are: performance enhancements in tab switching, better imaging with a new HTML scaling algorithm and preliminary support for WebRTC.

The Android version will provide a warning when the user attempts to access a Web site that may be harmful and also supports Do No Track.

Current users should see the update available in the "About Firefox" window. As always, a direct download is available.



Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

I’m still a bigger fan of Chrome on the Desktop, but Firefox for Android has solved some huge problems for me lately. It brings excellent HTML5 compatibility to phones from 2 Android generations ago. If it were available on iOS (with Mozilla’s engine, not Apple’s), I could strongly recommend iOS devices for my web apps again. For now, Safari issues make for a second rate web app experience.

Stan Hooper

My version 17 of Firefox consistently gets a message that Norton’s products are unable to provide any kind of protection and that I need at least Firefox version 1.5 for successful protection.  Since the version I have is more than 10 times the 1.5, there is something seriously wrong with either Firefox, Norton, or both.  At any rate, my Firefox was, indeed, a very vulnerable browser and email supporter and I suffered at least two episodes of viruses and Trojan horses.  I hope version 18 handles Norton’s utilities in a much better way, because it’s all I get with my cable connectivity.

Stan Hooper

Well, I’ve now got Version 18 on my MacBook Pro 15” and Norton continues to tell me that they can’t protect that version.  I’m so happy the two companies are ignoring each other completely.

John Martellaro

Stan,  I’ve contacted Symantec to see if they can shed any light on this.


Seriously?  You use Norton?  In the love of all that is holy, why?

Stan Hooper

Mr. iJack, it is because it is a requirement from my cable supplier.  It loads for free, but it doesn’t seem to come as an option as far as the cable contract is concerned.  So, I use Norton.

John Martellaro

Here is a nice article, just published, on FF18 with additional background and technical details.

John Martellaro

Stan,  Here’s what Symantec told me:

“We’d have to speak directly to the customer to know for sure, but the issue is likely caused by using an older version of Norton Internet Security for Mac.  The problem should easily be fixed by updating to the latest version of the NIS for Mac software.”

If that was the problem, would you lets us know here?


John,  While you’re up, would you like to call my ISP and find out why my service is so slow?  Thanks.

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