Mr. Jobs Will Pull a Rabbit Out of The Hat at WWDC

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It’s always a safe bet to assume that we know everything, based on leaks, that will happen at the WWDC keynote. However, with Steve Jobs, playing it safe isn’t the best bet.

The job of Steve Jobs is to make things happen. He has a corporate jet. He gets on the phone with CEOs and works deals. Sometimes it’s a matter of mutual self-interest, and sometimes it’s a beguiling RDF. No matter, Mr. Jobs makes things happen.

I noted today that some think Apple will not announce a deal with Verizon. Others think we know everything there is to know about the iPhone HD (or whatever Apple calls it). I beg to differ.

Informal office NFL pools teach us that the only way to consistently win is to select a few games that the odds makers consider a blowout, and then pick half of them as upsets. Without two or three upsets predicted, you’re just in the middle of the pack, going with the easy guesses, wasting your time.

Apple is in serious competition with Google now. It’s time to pick a few upsets. An Apple deal with a new U.S. carrier is one of those upsets that’s just waiting to happen.

Apple will have other fun things to announce. An Internet music service derived from Lala technology. New tools, perhaps Xcode 4. Then there’s Apple’s Flash alternative named Gianduia. Safari 5 with a plugin architecture. It’s time for an amazing, new MacBook Air, for example.

In the final analysis, predicting WWDC keynotes isn’t about being right. It’s about imagination and enthusiasm. That’s why Mr. Jobs will always pull a few rabbits out of the hat at his keynotes. It’s easy to forget how well he does that.



I am in accord.  I think that Mr. Jobs will have one or more surprise presentations and look forward to TMO’s reporting on WWDC 2010.


Count me in as well. It would be downright foolish o rest on laurels now, and I don’t believe that will be the case.


MacBook Air is unlikely to be an option. It will face the same problem as the MBP 13” - only worse. The only ULV option out there is an i3 which would have significantly slower clock rate than the existing MBA. That might be acceptable if its performance were better, but it’s only marginally better. More importantly, if Apple goes with the i3, they need to accept Intel’s sub-standard graphics because there’s no way to get dedicated graphics on board.


Mr. Jobs Will Pull a Rabbit Out of The Hat

I keep thinking of Bullwinkle when someone says that.


You americans are funny - it’s a WORLD WIDE Developer Conference. What a one US carrier has to do with that?


I agree that the media is so focused on the new iPhone - that any other new developments simply have slipped under the rumor mills eyes.

John Martellaro

geoduck:  I also think of the Pixar short “Presto” which, if you haven’t seen it, is fantastic.  In iTunes.  Funniest two bucks you’ll ever spend.

John Martellaro

jragosta: yep.  I thought of that.  But one never knows where those rabbits lurk… Just an example, anyway.

Lee Dronick

But one never knows where those rabbits lurk

I have two beagles, I will get them on it.

Does Steve Jobs usually give the Developers keynote? If not then we are probably in for something exciting.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

If emails from Steve are any indication, we can expect him to have the google android team on stage and literally——them. You’ll have to watch through your web browser though. No app for that.


He has given the Developers keynote for quite some time (barring his time away)-that was what always made in an event for me. smile


I see ?TV playing into this some how.  With the iPad finally released (US at least) integration with your TV and iPad is coming.

Lee Dronick

I see ?TV playing into this some how.? With the iPad finally released (US at least) integration with your TV and iPad is coming.

You may be on to something there. It might even get me off of my old analog CRT TV.

Your Apple character showed up in the email, but on the webpage.

Carlos Cardona

I see AppleTV playing into this some how.

If ONLY you were right! Us long-suffering AppleTV owners deserve a box that can do more than my freakin’ Sony Blu-ray player, AND easily serve up my media.

In the meantime we have to snap up every Elgato doodad - I ordered the EyeTV HD H.264 about 2 minutes after I read about it online. Finally I’ll be able to clean out the DVR’s HD recordings, and keep it HD! Now what do I do with the EyeTV Hybrid? Once you HD…


it?s a WORLD WIDE Developer Conference.

What about the The World Series or the World Bank.  Apple is a large American company, but the way it’s going it will soon be a global company. A few more brick-and-mortar stores outside the US, International sales that dwarf domestic sales-  and the Conference title won’t look so funny.

Some Guy

WORLD WIDE Developer Conference.

I don’t know what you’d call a world wide conference, but I know people coming to WWDC from England, Japan, Brazil, France, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, and Columbia.  Fits my definition.


people coming to WWDC from England, Japan, Brazil, France, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, and Columbia

Good point Sum Guy, but would that be Columbia, South Carolina or the District of Columbia - However if you mean the country, that would be Colombia with two “O’s” and no “U’s.” It’s a big thing with me considering I have an adopted daughter from Colombia.

Thanks for remembering that small, but important pride issue for folks from Colombia, the next time you or anyone reading this speaks of that much maligned country of millions of wonderful people - and yes, deeply tragic drug Mafia.


Given the fiasco of the iPhone mega-leak, I would think Mr. Jobs had Apple scrambling the last few weeks to move a few things up so they’d have something big and unexpected for this conference.  Otherwise the post-conference buzz and free pub would be weak and underwhelming, even negative.


You?ll have to watch through your web browser though. No app for that.

@Bosco, you spend too much time with your Android love (maybe, WAAAAY too much, from your interest in on-stage man-on-man action). Apple doesn’t live steam its various fests.


The rabbit-out-of-a-hat that no one saw coming? a second model of the iPhone with a slide out physical keyboard.  At this stage of the iPhone’s existence, I am sure that there are people who are opting for balckberries or the droid simply because they hate virtual keyboards.

I’m also hoping for sywpe capability.


First he’ll bring up the white elephant in the room - the iPhone leaks and introduce the new model. Next, it’s full blown iP OS 4 conversation, followed by a taste of the next version of OSX. Then an announcement of new doings with Apple silicon. Some blah blah blah about Apple’s partnerships over the years with the bombshell announcement of including Sprint to US carriers of the iPhone.

And “One More Thing” will be the return of FREE .mac/Mobile Me accounts including cloud backups & sync for your iDevice. Starting at free for limited space & 1 email address, pricing for more features and storage.

And there ya have it.



I know that this is an old link now, and that you have no doubt seen this, but the list of ‘No Verizon iPhone’ just got longer.


Will Steve Jobs surprise us? Well that depends on what you would consider a surprising announcement, doesn’t it?

* A streaming iTunes subscription service. Surprising or not?
* New updated Mac Pros and MacBook Air. Surprising or not?
* New iPhone HD with 960x640 screen and 5MP camera. Surprising or not?
* A detailed walk through of the new features and API’s in iPhone OS 4.0
* Sales statistics for the iPad and announcement of release dates for more countries.
* A new Apple TV “take 3”, based on the A4 and iPhone OS and cloud media streaming

Would any of this qualify as a surprise? It all depends on whether you expect it or not.

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