iWeb Companion App Multisite 2.4 Adds iWeb 09 Support

Seattle, Washington-based Clarkwood Software announced the immediate availability of Multisite 2.4 for Mac OS X on Wednesday. The new version adds support for iWeb '09, which is part of Apple's recently released iLife '09 application suite.

Multisite, which retails for $19.95, is a utility that allows users of Apple's iWeb software to use a less cluttered desktop by focusing on the site the user wants to work with. The program also speeds up iWeb, removing its requirement to load every site in a single data file.

The new version features the following fixes and changes:

-Added support for iWeb ’09 so that page names are displayed correctly in the Multisite window.

-The program can now save the published folder location with the current website.

-Bug fixes.

Multisite 2.4 requires iWeb 1.1.2 (part of iLife 2006), iWeb '08 or iWeb '09 and Mac OS X 10.4 or later to install and run. A fully functional demo of Multisite 2.4 is available for download and testing.