Munster: Apple Television Coming in November 2013

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Piper Jaffray analyst is still expecting Apple to release its own HD television, but now he's saying it'll come in November 2013. He previously predicted a December 2012 launch, but so far Apple has been quiet on its plans -- or lack thereof -- for a television.

Apple's television coming next November, according to Gene MunsterMr. Munster expects Apple's television to be available in sizes ranging from 42-inches up to 55-inches with price points around US$1,500 and $2,000, according to BusinessInsider.

He also expects Apple will introduce an updated iPad mini in March with a Retina Display, and also unveil an iTunes radio product, along with an updated AppleTV that supports third-party apps like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Come June, he predicts Apple will introduce a Retina Display MacBook Air, and show off iOS 7 and an updated OS X during WWDC.

September, according to Mr. Munster will usher in a modestly updated iPhone 5S, a spec bump for the iPad mini, and a redesigned iPad that matches the look of the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

Mr. Munster has been championing an Apple-branded television for some time. Last February he told investors Apple was looking for parts for its television product and suggested that the TV would include built-in Netflix streaming support, iTunes Store support, and Siri voice control.

Mr. Munster isn't saying why he now expects the long-rumored Apple television to arrive next November.

Apple is currently trading at $559.68, down 6.05 (1.07%).

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An AppleTV still makes no sense to me. Why not just improve the AppleTV box so it has apps (channels) and then you can get Apple-ness on any TV. It doesn’t seem like Apple is interested in buying MORE displays from Samsung so there goes one huge supplier so I doubt they could get a great price from their competitors either.


Apple TV to Arrive in 2012
apple tv arrives in 2011
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I’m on the fence about this too. Is there room for a game-changing product? Certainly the interfaces and general quality of most of what’s out there in home theatre suck. But is this close enough to their core strengths to do well? Big question. I’ll stick with the idea that the iPhone and iPads will become the multi-functional remotes for the AppleTV which can connect to any display. Utilizing the huge potential of these devices makes more sense to me than trying to burn in Siri et al into a TV OS.


“Is there room for a game-changing product?”

Tons.  TV ‘systems’ have become crap.  You should be able to walk into any room in any building and intuitively know how to operate the TV set flawlessly.  Some people (a lot, methinks), can’t even do that in their own homes.  Converter boxes, wireless receivers, recording devices should be reduced to zero, but with all the abilities still there.  And finally, the controls interface (whatever that might be) needs to be idiot-proof simple, yet with the ability to dig deeper, ala OS X.  Five years from now, people should be bragging about their home entertainment UI; not the screen size, nor the pixel count.

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