myPhoto Updated With Improved Installer

Michael Mulligan has released an update for myPhoto, bringing it to version 1.3. myPhoto is a utility designed for the simplified sharing of iPhoto files. The update features improved installment and bug fixes. According to Michael Mulligan:

Now that you have that fancy digital camera and youive finally gotten into using Appleis iPhoto to download and organize all of your favorite photos, donit you wish there was an easy way that you could share your photos with all of your friends online?

Sure, iPhoto does include built-in support for sharing your photos with others, but not all of us use an iDisk--some of us run the web server that comes pre-installed with Mac OS X. And who wants to put forth the never-ending effort to tell iPhoto or some third-party add-on web-photo-gallery-sort-of-program to export and synchronize our photo album to HTML every time weive added a new photo or two to the collection--it shouldnit require so much effort.

This release adds a true installer so now anybody can get myPhoto up and running, a robust themes engine for complete customization, significantly faster page loads, a fast means to "allow/block all photos in this album" and much more including several bug fixes.

You can find more information about the myPhoto update at the product home page. myPhoto is available as freeware.