myPower Extends iPod Battery Playback

Avid iPod listeners looking for extra battery life and who donit mind a bit of extra heft may want to take a look at Tekkeonis new myPower, which offers up to 32 hours of extra playback time and is compatible with all iPod models featuring a dock connector, including the iPod mini.

Actual extended battery life depends on the iPod being used with myPower: 3G iPods gains up to 20 hours, 4G iPods gain up to 32 hours, and minis gain up to 28 hours. The device features a streamlined white design that features visual charge indicators to show the battery level, USB 2.0 and FireWire ports, a line-out port, an on/off switch, 5V charging output, and removable belt clip.

myPower weighs 5.6 oz. (the same as a 20GB 4G iPod) and takes about three hours to fully charge. It is available now for $89.95.