Mysterious GameStore App for iPhone Hits App Store

A new app called GameStore raised a few eyebrows Monday morning when it appeared on Apple’s App Store. The iPhone app looks to be an official Apple title, although the product description does little to say what it is actually for.

GameStore appApple’s mysterious GameStore app

The app’s complete description states, “This application allows you to buy different things from within the app.”

GameStore’s screenshot on the App Store shows a list of games available for purchase, although the image doesn’t match Apple’s usual style of showing just the app and excluding the iPhone’s status bar. Considering the app seems brand new, the version 1.8 tag seems out of place, too.

GameStore app screen shot. It's a bit odd.The GameStore screenshot doesn’t match Apple’s usual style

Oddly, the app also shows a US$0.99 price — which seems out of character for an Apple app designed to help sell other products. You can check it out at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

GameStore product listGameStore add to cart

GameStore shopping cartGameStore settings

Apple hasn’t responded to The Mac Observer’s request for additional information yet.

[Thanks to Flo’s Weblog for the heads up.]