Nambu Gives Up on Twitter

The team behind the popular Mac OS X Twitter client Nambu is calling it quits and dropping development of their application. Nambu’s announcement comes only days after Twitter told developers to rethink their client app strategies.

The Nambu Web site says:

Unfortunately, we are sad to announce that Nambu is no longer being actively developed. There will be no more updates, as everyone on the Nambu team has moved on to other projects.

We would like to thank everyone for their past support and suggestions.

All the best.


Free to use, free of ads (from us anyway)

The team doesn’t specifically say they abandoned their application because of Twitter’s policy change towards developers, although the last line in their statement can easily be interpreted as a dig at the social networking service.

Nambu for Mac OS X is dead. Sad Trombone.RIP Nambu

Twitter recently updated its API terms of service for developers, essentially telling them the company isn’t interested in apps that mirror the features offered in the Twitter Web site and its own Twitter apps while offering a different user interface. Instead, Twitter wants developers to focus on building apps that leverage Twitter’s services, like image sharing apps that link through Twitter, or analytic tools.

“Developers ask us if they should build client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience,” Twitter platform and API leader Ryan Sarver said. “The answer is no.”

Despite Nambu’s announcement, the team is still letting users download and use Mac OS X-based application for free. Since it isn’t in development, however, Twitter could change its APIs at any time, breaking the application’s ability to connect to the service.