Namco Unveils UniteSDK For Cross-Platform Online Gaming

Namco Networks on Thursday introduced UniteSDK, a software development kit that allows gamers to play against each other online, regardless of platform, even if, for example, one player is using an iPhone and another has a PC. Namco also debuted Pool Pro Online 3, an App Store game that’s the first to use the new technology.

The new game, which sells for US$4.99, features 8- and 9-ball, as well as snooker, with the ability to make in-game wagers and use winnings to buy table felts, cue sticks, and new pool halls. Facebook and real-time chat are both integrated into the game, as are a friends list and a global leader board.

Namco said that versions of the game for PC iPad, Mac, Android, Java, BREW, RIM, and Windows Mobile will arrive in the coming months. The company also said that the next App Store titles to gain UniteSDK functionality are Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man.