Nancy Gravley Talks Snow Leopard on MacJury

The Mac Observer's columnist Nancy Gravley joined MacJury host Chuck Joiner and several other Apple industry luminaries to discuss the recent release of Mac OS X 10.6 in Part 1 of a special two-part Snow Leopard podcast report.

Other MacJury panel members included Macworld's Peter Cohen, prolific authors Joe Kissell and Matt Neuberg, and Softpress's Ian Schray.

The MacJury crew have all gone hands-on with Snow Leopard and came together to discuss their Snow Leopard experiences with installation, possible confusion over GUID drive formatting, and what hardware they are using. The group debunked some Snow Leopard myths, such as 32-bit versus 64-bit software, examined both sides of the burden developers face in updating old software to Snow Leopard, and much more.

MacJury episode 912 is available as a free download at the MacJury Web site.