Naperville Apple Store Hit in Smash-and-grab

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Apple’s Main Place store in Naperville, Illinois, was broken into early Sunday morning by two people who made off with some US$30,000 in merchandise. The suspects were wearing ski masks and gloves, and had containers so they could more easily make off with the Apple gear, according to Chicago Breaking News.

The suspects broke through the store’s glass doors to get inside. Police arrived on the scene at about 5:15 in the morning, but the suspects had already fled.

The Naperville Police Department is asking for anyone with additional details about the burglary to call their offices at 630-420-6664, or to call their Crime Stoppers Hotline at 630-420-6006.

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Pat Dissent

Dr. Willshire - assuming you are serious and not typing away on your Mommy’s laptop - exactly how did you reach your conclusions? I - for one - am keenly interested in seeing links to the financial data used to reach your - let me be charitable - unique analysis.

Dr John

I don’t believe you.  The fact that your comment isn’t related to the story in any way might indicate you need a mental evaluation.  Calm down.

Lee Dronick

I wonder if he commented on the smash-and-grab over on the Steve Jobs story.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

I have said this before, but it bears repeating. Other retailers (e.g. Staples) with glass storefronts protect them at night with a collapsing steel drape. Doing so obviously takes the “cool” away from their storefronts when not in operation. But it makes smash and dash a more difficult venture for would-be thieves.

Meanwhile, Apple imposes on local communities to bear the costs of its elegance. I am quite surprised that the malls and localities don’t impose restrictions on this kind of thing, e.g. requiring private security while store is closed, reinforced entrances, etc. These kinds of dramatic thefts don’t just hurt Apple—they screw up the shopping environment for all the other retailers in the area.


This location is a very upscale part of Naperville. I would understand why they didn’t think a steel cage security for overnight wasn’t required. Most of the stores in this downtown area do not have similar security measures.

It’s weird, but I was at this store right before close the night before.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Mikey, The Staples in Foothill Ranch, CA has a steel cage protecting its glass front. To put that in perspective, the only quick way out of town is a toll road. For real.


How do they screw up the shopping environment? By attracting lots of shoppers who will also purchase sweaters and hot dogs and all manner of non-Apple products?

By having an attractive storefront that doesn’t look like a prison when it’s closed thus making well-to-do shoppers feel comfortable in the area?

This is imposed on communities? I know people don’t like it when they want to change the architecture of a given neighborhood, but what planning commission has ever said, please don’t build that store, it’s too elegant?

Maybe Apple stores should be like jewelry stores and lock the merchandise in a safe when they close up at night. Then people would complain that Apple is taking itself way too seriously, locking up it’s commodity electronics in fancy cases.

I am NOT surprised that malls don’t impose special restrictions on Apple stores. I’ll bet they pay for themselves and then some.


See your point Bosco. With that much merchandise, it’s probably a necessary evil.

Shame of it all is, these guys/gals will never be caught more than likely. I would stay away from buying newly posted eBay Apple merchandise for the next week or two.


Dr W. What does that have to do with this artica… NOTHING APPARENTLY . Stick to what the article pertains to.

Bryan Chaffin

I axed the troll comment from Dr. Wilshire. My apologies for not getting it sooner.

Miami DUI Lawyer

I was going to comment on the story but some of the comments are so crazy I have to comment on the comments. The first comment is just weird. I do love the second comment in which he tells the person to calm down. It doesn’t get any better than that. I feel terrible for the Apple store. I love the glass fronts they have. I always thought it might be some super strong plexiglass or something so someone could not just smash it. Stefanie H., Miami DUI Lawyer

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