NASA App HD: Cool Space Stuff for iPad

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NASA announced Thursday the release of NASA App HD, a new app that brings all kinds of cool NASA content to your iPad.

“Our goal with the first NASA App was to deliver current mission information, images, videos and news updates in the best possible way for the iPhone and iPod touch,” Jerry Colen, NASA App project manager, said in a statement. “Now we’ve enhanced and expanded the application to include even more content and really take advantage of the iPad’s larger screen.”

The app features streaming video from NASA Television, and an interactive map with links to all of the space agency’s field centers. Users can also find feature stores, launch schedules, scrolling alerts, information about the solar system, and more.

The app is free, and it’s available now on the App Store.

NASA App HD Screenshot

NASA App HD Screenshot



I like to think of NASA and Apple as smart people.

Producing and promoting an ipad App that doesn’t show Videos for the iPad’s failure to run the Flash plugin speaks poorly to the intelligence of both NASA and Apple.


Having once worked several years for a major NASA contractor where I interacted with NASA people regularly, I would not characterize hardly any of the NASA people that I met as particularly smart people. Just my opinion.


Mirc I have read this information very helpful thank you very much and I wish you continued success.

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