Native Instruments Releases Alicia's Keys - Alicia Key's Virtual, Signature Grand Piano

Native Instruments announced Monday the release of Alicia's Keys, a digital recreation of Alicia Key's signature sound grand piano. The software can be used as a standalone piano on Mac and Windows with Kontakt Player, or as a plugin with Kontakt 4.

The sample process took place over two years in Ms. Keys' studio, with her Yamaha C3 Neo grand piano, and involved her engineer as well as sampling expert Thomas Scarbee. Alicia's Keys has 17GB of high-resolution samples, and each note sampled has 12 discreet layers (i.e. 12 different levels for each key). The samples also cover key release differences, the sustain pedal, and sympathetic resonance within the studio.

"I love this software so much that I used it on my entire new album. Not once did I record a live piano because there was just no need", Ms. Keys said in a statement. "I plan to tour with this sound and use it all around the world. I love how it gives those who may not be able to buy an acoustic piano a true piano experience."

The video below was posted by Native Instruments on YouTube, and features Ms. Keys explaining the software and why she likes it.

The software is priced at US$119 (€99). You can find more information at the Native Instruments Web site.

Alicia Keys shows Alicia's Keys from Native Instruments