Navigon 2 Adds Per-state Maps, Map Updates

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Navigon announced the immediate availability of Navigon 2.0 for the iPhone on Thursday. The new version of the GPS-based navigation app added the ability to load maps on a per-state basis in the U.S., and now offers quarterly map updates.

Navigon 2 for the iPhoneNavigon 2 for the iPhone

Version 2.0 lets users load U.S. maps just for the states they’re traveling through to save storage space, and they can now purchase quarterly map updates for more accurate navigation information. Since maps are stored independently of the application, app updates will be smaller now, too.

The app’s redesigned interface includes multi-touch gesture support, an Actions menu for quick access to points of interest, and the ability to see maps while accessing menus. It also offers better performance when zooming and rotating in 3D map mode, animated menus, and more.

Navigon 2.0 requires an iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 or 4GS, or an iPad or iPad 2 with 3G wireless data.

The North American version costs US$39.99, the USA-only and Canada-only versions are $29.99, and the regional versions are $19.99 each. Map updates, or FreshMaps, cost $14.99 as an in-app purchase.

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The regional maps in the US West, Central and East versions are missing. No way to download the ones you purchased or buy additional maps. I tried re-installing and restoring purchases and still nada.

Shawn King

Be careful - the New Navigon iPhone app deletes your Recent Addresses and Favorites. :( It also won’t let you register unless you give permission for them to use your data. FAIL

Navigon BAD

One more fail: They took $$$ when I bought the app promising free map updates, now they want more $$$ for the same thing using in-app purchase. Time for a class action law suit.

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