Navigon, Audi Offer Free CES iPhone Navigation App

| Product News

Navigon announced the immediate availability of Audi Las Vegas Navigator on Tuesday. The turn-by-turn GPS navigation app is designed for iPhone owners traveling to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week and includes maps for the entire state of Nevada.

Navigon heads to CES

The app, which is co-sponsored by Audi, is based on Navigon’s MobileNavigator GPS navigation app and includes features such as turn-by-turn directions, lane guidance when driving, walking directions, assistance with finding locations like hotels and restaurants, weather data, Google Local Search, and more.

Navigon will be showing off its product lineup at CES 2011 at the NAVTEQ booth. The event runs from January 6 through January 9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Audi Las Vegas Navigator is free and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.



includes maps for the entire state of Nevada.

Such a deal since the road system in the entire State of Nevada is roughly 1/10th the road system in NYC.  Like US 50 travels 400 miles across the state from Stateline (Calif) through such thriving metropolises as Carson City, Fallon, Austin, Eureka, and Ely, and you really need a GPS to navigate that extremely complex route.  Just don’t take the secret side road shortcut that the geezer at the ancient gas station tells you about… (c.f. The Hills Have Eyes).

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