Kein eiPott Für Sie! German Court Backs Apple Copyright

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A German court issued a restraining order at the behest of Apple against German company Koziol ordering the company to stop selling an egg holder called eiPott (say it out loud if you need to). The judge ordered the company to change the name and packaging on the product because customers might mistake it for one of Apple’s products.

The court’s ruling noted that eiPott, “is an artificial word created [by Koziol] and [an] unusual addition to refer to an egg cup.”

BZiPhone reported (Google Translation) that Koziol plans to change the name, but as of this writing it is still available at the company’s Web site for €7.50 ($9.53).


Und eiPott


Auch eine eiPott

Thanks to TUAW for the heads up on this story.

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Nein eiPott F?r Sie!

should change to “Kein eiPott ...”


The correct headline would be “Kein eiPott f?r Sie”. One shouldn’t rely solely on Google translate.

Lee Dronick

Okay, sometimes these sort of restraining orders are a stretch, but that product and packing is a close resemblance to an iPod in Apple packaging. Even the graphic of an egg with the top knocked off looks very similar to an Apple logo rotated 90? CCW.

Interesting egg cup design with that rectangular toast strip or shell holder.


This is priceless marketing, and for free.

They have to pay the lawyers, of course, and change the label on the box. But this much product exposure is worth way more.

Bryan Chaffin

Nein eiPott F?r Sie!

should change to ?Kein eiPott ...?

The correct headline would be ?Kein eiPott f?r Sie?. One shouldn?t rely solely on Google translate.

Ack! That’s pretty embarrassing. I apparently know just enough German to get myself in trouble, and that was actually the one translation I didn’t double check…

Thanks for catching it and the nice notes. I edited the title accordingly.


I apparently know just enough German to get myself in trouble,

In high schoolI took a year of German. I learned to say “I don’t speak German”. Pretty much that’s all I’ve ever needed.

Uli Kusterer

For those who wanna know: “ei” is the German word for “egg” and “Pott” is a sort of container, not unlike the English word “pot”. IMO, this should be covered under parody, because it’s obviously an egg-holder.

PS - The captions need some fixing, too: You translated “and eiPott” instead of “an eiPott”. Should really be “Ein eiPott”. And since the word “Pott” is masculine, not feminine, it should be “Auch ein eiPott” in the second caption.

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