Nest Smart Thermostat Warms Up to the UK

Nest, makers of internet-connected thermostats and smoke detectors, are now selling units in the UK, the first time Nest products have been available outside the US.

The Nest smart thermostat is finally available in the UKThe Nest smart thermostat is finally available in the UK

For the Nest Protect, the pricing is £109 for either white or black. Pricing for the UK thermostats is £179 or £249, the price difference being the type of installation chosen. Nest (strongly) suggests professional installation because boilers in the UK are connected to high-voltage wires.

Google's purchase of Nest was completed in February, prompting many to wonder how long it would be until Google killed the geek-beloved project, or worse, not allow management of the units without a Google+ Profile. Instead of killing off Nest, Google is taking it into new markets.

In a blog post, Nest's Erik Charlton points out an interesting piece of information about breaking into the UK market:

Most UK heating systems don’t even have thermostats. So the actual temperature or your comfort never enters into the equation. In order to warm up the house, you have to keep walking back and forth to the programmer, manually turning on the heat in quick bursts hoping you get it right. There’s also no way to track how much heat you’re using, so balancing comfort and energy savings is guesswork.

Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect are both available starting today in the UK store at Nest's website.