Nest Slims Down, Improves Heating System Support

Nest Labs introduced the second generation of its Nest programmable thermostat on Tuesday. The new model is 20 percent thinner than the original, and added support for most heating and cooling systems in the United States.

The second generation Nest Learning ThermostatThe second generation Nest Learning Thermostat

Like the original Nest thermostat, the new version was designed by Tony Fadell who served as the head designer for the iPhone and iPod team at Apple before donning his Nest CEO cap. The new model is still programmable and learns how to set itself based on user's patterns, connects to your local WiFi network, and can be remotely set over the Internet.

The new Nest has a sleeker look thanks to its thinner profile and because it no longer has a sensor grill on the front. On the inside, it includes easier to use wire connectors, plus support for second and third-stage cooling, third stage heating, dual fuel, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and emergency heating systems.

Nest Labs also released version 3 of its built-in software for controlling the thermostat on Tuesday for the current model, and will include the update in the new model when it ships in the next few weeks.

The company also offers a free iPhone and iPad app for remotely controlling the Nest thermostat.

The second generation Nest Learning Thermostat is priced at US$249 and is available for pre-order now.